All events are cancelled until further notice due to Covid-19 uncertainty plus NZDF closing the training area to all third party use (including the Offlimits Trust) whilst it undertakes a land use review and negotiates with tangata whenua.

E V E N T S /  4 x 4  S U M M E R  E V E N T

Operation Stirling
2-day guided 4x4 tour

About the event
Operation Stirling is named after David Stirling, the legendary leader of the SAS and leader of daring vehicle mounted raids deep in the deserts of North Africa during World War II. This event will be two days of exploring the truly unique landscape that Waiouru has to offer.

Accommodation and meals
There will be two options available:
• Barrack accommodation and meals. You sleep in army barracks on Friday and Saturday night, plus receive army cooked meals on Saturday and Sunday morning and a cooked meal on Friday and Saturday night. You will be provided with a cut lunch for Saturday and Sunday
• Self-catering and camping. At the Waiouru sports ground just down the side road from the Army Museum and provide all your own meals. Showers and toilets will be supplied. Or you can arrange your own off site accommodation.

Vehicle and group types
The groups are:
Club trucks. These trucks are kitted out for serious off road use and can handle all (most) types of terrain. This group will go places and do things that are are best suited to club trucks
Adventure group. For some time now there has been quite a group of people who don't quite fit the 'club truck' group but are more adventuresome than 'dull shineys'. This group will fill that gap
Dull shineys. This group will enjoy some off road experiences that could pass through tracks with scrub that could perhaps make the odd paint scratch. We will take you to paces that are definitely off road and fun but not too adventuresome as in deep water holes etc
Shineys. You like the outdoors and the back country but its your every day vehicle and you don't want to scratch the paint work or get seriously stuck. In the training area there are over 400 km of tracks and gravel roads. We will find plenty of places that will extend you but keep you relatively safe.

The pricing for Operation Stirling TBC.

Pricing includes:
One of the best summer events in New Zealand set in the amazing Tussock country of the Alpine Central North Island
2-day event registration (Saturday and Sunday). If you choose the full accommodation registration choice, your entry fee includes accommodation in the barracks at Waiouru and all meals during your stay
2-day registration either camping or staying off site. If this is your choice then you arrange your own accommodation and food and report each day
• We limited the number of trucks for this event to 55. This keeps the average size of each group down to 18 trucks. That way we maximise trail time and minimise stoppage time
• You must of course have good off road or ATV tyres. You will also need basic recovery gear such a towing strop etc with a recognised vehicle towing hook
Registration notes. All registrations must be completed on our website. There will be NO on the day registrations. We will send you your event briefing notes approximately two weeks before the event.

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the crew that organised and the 2017 Operation Stirling event – we had a blast! And also to our guide for the weekend for making it extra enjoyable for our group. Am really looking forward to doing another one! ~ George Little.

Cancellation and refunds
Events could be cancelled or modified due to military requirements, weather conditions or unforeseen logistical issues which make the running of events either unsafe or unable to be conducted on the scheduled dates and in the locations advertised. Please refer to the payments and refunds section for details on the cancellation and refund policy.

In the first instance enquiries should be made to Diana Booth. Email

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Operation Stirling
December 2020 TBC
Start price per vehicle

VENUE. Waiouru military training area.

SUITABLE: All levels and ages.

CANCELLATION. Weather or fire risk, or military requirements.