HORSE treks

Wild horses couldn’t drag you away from this event!


Kaimanawa Classic horse trek
2-3 day guided horse trek

Each year the Kaimanawa Classic Horse Trek will be based from one of four different locations in the 63,000 hectare military training area. The Trek will have an option for you to join either for a two or three day trek. 

For those who wish to get close up to some of the 350 Kaimanawa horse population, then the three day trek is the best choice, as day one will be dedicated to trekking in the area likely to have the Kaimanawa horses. This will provide riders the unique opportunity to observe the wild Kaimanawa horses in their natural environment (well for the last 135 years anyway!). Day 2 and 3 we will explore different area of this vast central plateau unique fauna and landscape.

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