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January 1, 2020 - January 31, 2020

Boundary Buster 2020

January 2020 – date to be confirmed

A unique ride that will take you to the four boundaries of the 63,000ha Waiouru Military Training Area (weather permitting). Saturday is a 120-160km ride, Sunday is 100km (distances are approximate). Limited to 150 riders!

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The dates shown are confirmed and subject always to NZ Army requirements regarding Army activities. All bookings must be made online. This guided trail bike ride is strictly limited in numbers bookings are on a first received basis.


Routes for Boundary Buster 2020 vary depending on the group you choose and will depend on the weather on the day, however we will be putting together trails that uses the best bits of Tussock Buster, plus the further, more remote, challenging and unique parts of the Army boundary. A guide reconnaissance ride later in 2020 will look at riding some routes that  seldom use so we can join them into the mix. Remember always that Waiouru is an alpine environment where there can be extremes in weather. Previous Boundary rides have experienced sunburn, snow, hail, rain and wind. So riding in just a riding shirt is a no go.


Army barrack accommodation will be provided on the Friday and Saturday nights, and all meals will including Sunday Lunch will be supplied.


Riders can choose to ride in one of four groups depending upon your skill, riding speed and fitness. Boundary Buster is for experienced riders and not suitable for novice riders or those on adventure bikes. Those joining the cruisers need to be an ‘intermediate level rider’ and have a reasonable level of fitness and be able to ride for at least 6-8 hours. You may be able swap from group to group if you or the guides feel you need to and we have the ability to do so. But always tell the lead guide you are swapping!

The riding Groups are:

  • Gung-ho: This is a group for top level (expert and pro) riders who are fit, skillful and are keen to have two days of really hard riding. This group will ride hard and fast and will encounter steep and rocky terrain plus swamps. 80% of your riding will be off formed trails, riding virgin ground, old overgrown tank tracks and horse tracks.
  • Hot Dogs: This is a group of top level and very fit riders that don’t quite fit into the Gung-ho group but are a higher standard then the Sly Dogs.  You will have the ability to ride all the places described for the Gung-ho groups but would like to do so in a manner that is not quite so hard out.
  • Sly Dogs: This group is for highly competent riders who are perhaps not as fit as those who plan to go in the Hot Dog  group. This group will ride quickly and encounter steep and swampy terrain but will have more frequent stops and may not do the same distance. You will need to be able to ride 8 hours or more on the Saturday. History has shown us that we get an awful lot of riders ending up in this group this group This year we would like to move some of you up into the Hot Dog group. Although quite a few would have had a more enjoyable day in the Cruisers group. So have a good think about your rider skills on riding gnarly single track. 60% of your riding will be off formed tracks, riding virgin ground, old tank tracks and horse tracks.
  • Cruisers: This is for the sensible rider who wants to maintain a good steady ride pace, have plenty of stops to take photos and learn about the Army training area and its history


This year to make things easier for you we will supply bulk approve Tanker 95 Octane fuel in the field at no additional cost to you. In the past we have carried hundreds of fuel containers out to refuel points. This is cumbersome and barely compliant. It also means that you have to recover your containers each day and refill them for the next day. This way your responsibility is to commence each day with a full tank (which Offlimits reserve the right to inspect). Those on Two stroke machines can carry their own Oil if they have special requirements, or Offlimits will supply standard modern Two stroke oil. The Tanker will have a measured delivery to ensure you know how much fuel / oil has been added.


It is compulsory for all riders to attend the Saturday morning. This will commence at 08:00hrs (8am – straight after breakfast) on the parade ground. The ride commences early on Saturday morning, so Friday night have a good night’s sleep then to have prepared your bike before 0800hr Saturday is essential. You will be emailed a comprehensive set of Admin instructions approx 14 days before the ride. Please read them carefully

Rider Gear

All registered riders will receive an Email two weeks before the ride, explaining the weekend in detail, and what to bring and wear for the ride. Also the compulsary Dress standards which you must comply with when in Army Mess facilities. Failure to comply with the prescribed dress standards will mean that you are refused entry until you do comply.


Please ensure your machine is in top condition as you will be in areas that make recovery difficult and you don’t want to ruin your day or that for others.


The pricing for riding Boundary Buster 2019 will be $380 per rider. This price includes all Army barrack accommodation Friday and Saturday nights, cooked breakfast Saturday and Sunday, lunch Saturday and Sunday, Saturday dinner, morning tea Saturday and Sunday, bike washing facilities, bike recovery, guides, medical support, radio communications between each group and base, plus fuel at the designated refuelling sites each day.


There will be no registrations on the day. All riders must be pre-registered and registration is on a first-in first-served basis. Numbers are limited to a maximum of 150 riders.

Cancellation and refunds

Events could be cancelled or modified due to military requirements, weather conditions or unforseen logistical issues which make the running of events either unsafe or unable to be conducted on the scheduled dates and in the locations advertised. Please refer to the Payments and refunds section for details on the cancellation and refund policy.

National Army Museum

Remember the legends and pay tribute to the sacrifices. Stories of courage, comradeship and honour — all this and more at the National Army Museum. Facilities include café, gift shop, interactive Kidz HQ, kids treasure hunts, greenstone memorial, and research library. Open daily 9am to 4.30pm, State Highway 1, Waiouru.

Print off this discount voucher and present it at the Museum reception to receive discounted entry. The voucher is valid until 31 Dec 2018 so if you don’t get a chance at the time of this event, be sure to stop there next time you are passing through.

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January 1, 2020
January 31, 2020