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Farewell from Offlimits Trust
It is with great sadness that we must say farewell to all those who have been loyal supporters of the Offlimits Trust over the years.
We are yet another casualty of Covid-19. We cannot sustain the costs of staying in limbo and not being able to raise funds via the sort of events we have historically undertaken.
The trust has sat dormant for the last few years as a result of Covid-19 plus prior to that, the Christchurch mosque attacks and the closure of Waiouru due to increased security levels.
It is highly unlikely the trust can gain access back into Waiouru in the next few years as the utilisation of the training area by the NZ Army will result in no zones being available for non-military activities.
We thank our wonderful team of helpers and all those who have attended the events we have run at Waiouru. Your support has been greatly appreciated and without it, we would not have been able to raise the money we have over the years to assist members of the New Zealand Defence Force.
We wish you all the best for the future. Keep enjoying our wonderful outdoors and do what you can to rebuild New Zealand in these trying times.
Kia Kaha
The Offlimits Trust team



The Offlimits Trust
The best experiences are Offlimits. Come and experience an action filled off-road adventure through some of the best scenery in the central North Island. Offlimits is the brand under which outdoor action events are conducted for the New Zealand public at the Waiouru military training area in the central North Island. We are a charitable trust which raises funds for present and past members of the New Zealand Defence Force. The Trust assists members of the defence community, individually and in groups to participate in sport, further education, health and welfare. We are not a commercial organisation.

We do good
The mission is to provide the very best outdoor action events utilising the uniqueness of the Waiouru training area (63,000 hectares). You will love the unique and well organised experience of an Offlimits one or two day motorcycle, quad and side-by-side, 4WD vehicle, mountain bike and horse trek events through the 63,000 hectares of the Waiouru training area.