4x4 tours

Time to give your 4x4 a military workout.

All events are cancelled until further notice due to Covid-19 uncertainty plus NZDF closing the training area to all third party use (including the Offlimits Trust) whilst it undertakes a land use review and negotiates with tangata whenua.

4x4 tours
2-day guided tours

Our 4x4 tours are specifically designed for families and owners of 4x4s who want to go off road, see amazing sights, experience adventure. There will be four separate groups:

  • Shiny. For the 4x4s which rarely go off road
  • Dull Shiny. For those who want to take their vehicle offroad but not get dented, but do want to get muddy
  • Adventure. For the more serious 4x4 driver who has grunty tyres and doesn’t mind a few dents
  • Club trucks. For the hard out 4x4 driver with a modified vehicle and wants lots of getting stuck.

There is a barrack accommodation with cooked meals option or a lower priced camping and self-catering option. With around 63,000 hectares of tracks, gravel roads and desert to explore, there is always something new to see in your adventure comfort zone. This event is ideal for families and those who love driving their 4x4 but are not experts with it off-road. The more ‘club orientated' 4x4s are welcome to attend, and these vehicles will be split into their own group so they can undertake more challenging terrain.

Just like to say we had a great weekend at Ice Buster. It was everything I expected and I was also delighted to finally see some Kaimanawa horses in the wild. The tracks were great and the organisation as well ~ Grant Christian.

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