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Waiouru Safari - January 2020 date TBC
2-day guided tour

The dates shown are confirmed but subject always to New Zealand Defence Force requirements regarding military activities. All bookings must be made online.

About the event
This event is specifically designed for 4WD quads and side-by-sides. There will be three groups to choose from depending upon machine type and driver preference. The routes will take you through much of the 63,000 hectares of the Waiouru military training area. 

Our chosen routes will ensure previous participants experience the best of past rides plus discover new scenery and some new tracks, because we'll have three more hours of daylight to use than we had in July! We also have more places out the back which are now accessible. Those who have done this event before will attest it is pretty hard to better the terrain, the military life, the helpful marshals and the overall experience of being with Offlimits at Waiouru with your chosen vehicle. As per our normal policy, you will be able to join a group of people of similar ability and style. The most adventurous achieving a distance of up to 160 km. The more sedate over 120 km.

There will be an accommodation option for those who wish to stay in the barracks on Friday and Saturday night and have their rations provided. There will also be an option for those who wish to arrange their own accommodation and food. For those who choose this option you will be able to purchase two days or a one day Saturday or Sunday only ticket. The ride will commence at 0815 hours Saturday with a briefing. You will not be able to ride the course unless you have attended the safety briefing. This may affect your decision as to which option you would prefer to purchase. Approximately two weeks before the ride we will send you a detailed briefing paper giving timings and places for all meetings etc. 

Participants will need to be ready for an early start on Saturday (0815 hours). All meals (other than the lunches) will be held in the main mess hall within Waiouru military camp. A compulsory briefing for participants will be held at 0815 hours on Saturday morning. You will be issued with your ID tag at the briefing. You must affix this to your machine as your weekend ID. No tag no ride. 

Accommodation provided Rider $370. Passenger $160. For those choosing to stay off site and arrange their own meals and accommodation the price will be Rider $250, Passenger $70. Helmets are compulsory. Only 4WD drive quads will be admitted. Except on Sunday when sports quads will also be permitted.

Offlimits is a charitable trust and our mission is to raise funds to support the health and welfare of servicemen and servicewomen. Your entry fee for the Waiouru Safari includes (for those who choose the accommodation option): all meals including the dinner on Friday night; Army barrack accommodation Friday and Saturday night; washing machine and drying facilities; machine recovery; guides; medical support; and radio communications between each group and base. For those who choose the ride only option, you get everything except the accommodation and the food. You must be at the briefing point at Waiouru military camp on Saturday and (Lake Moawhango) on Sunday at 0815 hours ready to go. There will be a safety briefing at this time and you will be issued with an ID tag for the event. You will not be able to ride unless you are briefed. This may affect your decision regarding the ease of living in when purchasing your place in the Safari.

Registrations can only be done online. On Saturday, participants will ride in three groups, depending upon vehicle numbers, rider competency and rider expectation, and vehicle type. Numbers are limited so entries are on a first-registered basis.

Cancellation and refunds
Events could be cancelled or modified due to military requirements, weather conditions or unforeseen logistical issues which make the running of events either unsafe or unable to be conducted on the scheduled dates and in the locations advertised. Please refer to the payments and refunds section for details on the cancellation and refund policy.

National Army Museum
Remember the legends and pay tribute to the sacrifices. Stories of courage, comradeship and honour – all this and more at the National Army Museum
Facilities include café, gift shop, interactive Kidz HQ, kids treasure hunts, greenstone memorial, and research library. Open daily 9 am to 4.3 0pm, State Highway 1, Waiouru. Print off this discount voucher and present it at the Museum reception to receive discounted entry. The voucher is valid until December 31, 2018, so if you don't get a chance at the time of this event, be sure to stop there next time you are passing through.

In the first instance enquiries should be made to Diana Booth. Email info@offlimits.co.nz. Telephone +64 21 129 7670.

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Start price per adult

VENUE. Wairouru military training area.

Registrations are closed

SUITABLE: Suitable for adult drivers with some experience.

CANCELLATION. Weather or fire risk, or military requirements.