E V E N T S /  M O T O R B I K E  T R A I L  R I D E S

It is with deep regret that we advise that TUSSOCKBUSTER19 has had to be cancelled due to the tragic events in Christchurch and the current National Threat state.

As a result of the tragic events in Christchurch, all New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) bases/camps in New Zealand were put on Security State BLACK. This severely restricted civilian access to all bases and camps. Over the past week, the Offlimits Trust worked closely with NZDF to put in place special arrangements to permit TUSSOCKBUSTER19 (TB19) to proceed. A call went out to members of NZDF to volunteer to provide the required level of security to enable the event to proceed.
However, late on Saturday afternoon 23 March, the commander at Waiouru (Comd TRADOC) made the decision that TB19 had to be cancelled. His message is below:
“Based on guidance provided by Defence Security, our inability to provide a credible security presence without impacting operational training and the proposed national commemorations on 29 March, it is with regret that I must cancel the Tussock Buster activity planned to be held in the Waiouru Defence Area over the period 29 - 31 Mar 19.

I am cognisant of the amount of work that has been put into the planning of this activity and the obvious disappointment for those who were intending to participate. However in light of the recent tragic events in Christchurch, the raising of the National Threat state, and the refocusing of Defence assets, I feel that this is the right decision. I trust that all involved will both understand and support this.”
The trustees of the Offlimits Trust along with all the volunteers, sponsors and supporters of the trust are deeply disappointed with the situation but accept that Comd TRADOC having received professional advice, has made the right call. Participant safety is paramount and we cannot run an event where the potential security risk to participants is such that significant security assets would need to be deployed.

What happens now?
Next week, we will hold discussions with Waiouru Military Training Facility to see if we can hold TB19 on an alternate date later in the year. The training area is busy with military training throughout the year so finding a suitable weekend where access could be provided plus the weather may be fine is reasonably difficult. It is not practical to look at any weekend this side of winter as it is unknown how long the current National Threat state will remain in place. We will keep you informed on progress with this.

The Offlimits Trust has incurred significant expense to date in getting ready for TB19. All logistics were in place and we had just on 1000 pre-registrations – which is a record. Therefore, we were potentially heading towards 1,500 riders.
We appreciate that all participants have also incurred considerable expense in time and money with taking leave from work, servicing motorbikes and booking accommodation/travel. People were coming from as far afield as the South Island to participate in the event. To all of you, we are truly sorry, but as you can see, the circumstances that have caused this cancellation are out of the control of both the Offlimits Trust and NZDF.

Our refund policy is outlined at https://www.offlimits.co.nz/payment-and-refunds/

This states that a refund of 40% of the entry fee is payable if the event is cancelled more than 24 hours prior to the scheduled start date. The trustees have considered our stated policy and respect that those who have preregistered are our most loyal supporters and we want to retain your loyalty.
We are a registered charitable trust and the money we raise from events such as TB19 goes towards supporting the wellness and wellbeing of members of the NZDF who are committed to keeping New Zealand safe. The Offlimits Trust will take a financial hit with this cancellation and incur a significant loss as our intention is to refund as much as we possibly can to those who have pre-registered. Additionally, this cancellation will severely curtail our ability to make charitable donations this year. However, we want to look to the future and retain the loyalty of our participants by refunding as much as we possibly can. Accordingly, our intention is to refund 80% of the fee paid by each participant. We appreciate that this is not an ideal situation but trust you understand the predicament we are in.

Diana will be in touch over coming days regarding refunds. This process will take a couple of weeks so
your patience is appreciated.

Our sincere thanks
We would like to take this opportunity to thank:
 All those who had already registered for what was going to be another awesome iconic event;
 All those who were planning to turn up and ride on the day;
 The huge effort put in by the TB19 organising team- you did an awesome job;
 The 90 helpers who had volunteered to be marshals and provide the sign on and security crew;
 The Waiouru community members who were once again planning to provide awesome meals;
 NZDF senior commanders and Commander TRADOC and all his staff who worked hard to find solutions so
we could operate TB19 in this heightened security environment we currently find ourselves operating in;
 Our sponsors who had generously donated time, manpower and resources to support TB19.
As the Prime Minister stated on Friday 15 March, “New Zealand has changed forever”. This cancellation is just one
of a multitude of events that have been or may still be cancelled as a result of the terrible events that occurred in
Christchurch on Friday 15 March. Our hearts go out to those who lost a loved one in the shootings. Everyone of us
is disappointed with the cancellation of TB19 but it is a fraction of the pain endured by those who have lost a close
friend or family member in the shootings.

Once again, our apologies for this cancellation.

Kind regards
David Greenslade


CANCELLATION. Weather or fire risk, or military requirements.