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Boundary Buster 

We had planned to run a series of motorbike, SxS/quad bike and 4x4 events during the period 3-10 January 2020 and base those out of Helwan Camp at Waiouru. These would have been unique events and would have been a fantastic opportunity for families to participate in a wide range of family focussed activities.

All the organising had been completed - we had the zones and Helwan camp booked and the command structure at Waiouru had been supportive of the event and had facilitated its organisation.

Unfortunately, there is currently a nationwide ban on third party use of New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) land and NZ Army had supported our request for an exemption so we could run these events.

At this late stage in the planning and promotion cycle, we still have no answer from NZDF in Wellington as to whether we have or do not have permission to run the events.

Therefore, the trustees have made the decision that we need to cancel the proposed events and not undertake our scheduled promotion of those events.

This is a blow to the Offlimits Trust from a revenue generating perspective plus in trying to provide our loyal client base with quality events. Additionally, it is hugely frustrating and limits the ability of the trust to generate funds to support members of NZDF. We have a large number of NZDF individuals and organisations who have asked for grants and normally we would be able to provide those grants but at this stage, we have all grant payments on hold whilst we await confirmation from the Chief of Defence staff on what is happening.

Operating events at Waiouru is a privilege - not a right and we are always subject to NZDF policies and activities. We have been fortunate for the past 10 years to have had a constant policy from NZDF, but policies do change, and we are working with NZDF to find a solution for the future.

In the first instance enquiries should be made to Diana Booth. Email info@offlimits.co.nz.

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Date TBC
Start price per adult

VENUE. Waiouru military training area.

Registrations will open once dates are confirmed

SUITABLE: Experienced and fit riders of intermediate or above standard.

CANCELLATION. Weather or fire risk, or military requirements.